Dr. Isaac Kwame Baidoo

Department of Statistics

University of Ghana




Currently on sabbatical until Semester 2, 2017



Statistics Resources

    American Statistical Association

    Royal Statistical Society

    Arizona State University Statistics Program

Publications and Research Interests

    Statistics Pedagogy

    Marketing Analytics

    Credit Risk Modeling

    College Enrollment Management

    Predictive Modeling

    Statistical Software

Other Interests

    Arizona Cardinals

    Sun Devil Football

Statistics Media Goofs

Reproduced from RSS News quoting the Daily Mail newspaper, 13 October 2010:

Having three children born on the same date is the perfect way to avoid forgetting their birthdays.  On the other hand, it means three sets of parties on the same day. Fortunately, the chances of this happening are an astonishing 48 million to one.

Correct answer:  1 in 133,225.  Big difference!


“Our knowledge, our attitudes, and our actions are based to a very large extent on samples.”

Cochran.  Sampling Techniques (p 1)

“It is easy to lie with statistics It is hard to tell the truth without it.”

~Dunkels, Andrejs